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What is it?

At Best Option Healthcare we dedicate our services to providing specialized healthcare services, focused on obtaining the best results, through the use of therapies and treatments based on evidence as well as the most current care protocols.

Services designed with the patient and their needs in mind

Attention to detail

Be it in wound care, receiving medications intravenously or the services from a specialty pharmacy, our expert personnel is at your service, always. We handle every detail of the services you need. From the authorization of your health plan, information in regards to the treatment you will receive and its administration, up to achieving the results that you and your physician expect. This is what differentiates us; because we work as a team along with you and your physician to make sure we’ve covered every detail of your care.

The best option for the ENTIRE Island

We work as a team with your physician and your health plan

We stay in constant communication with your physician to coordinate follow-ups for your care. We achieve this by using highly secure information systems to protect your health information. We currently have contracts with most health plans and work in coordination with them and medical providers to achieve the best results in your care.